Fine Young Women Who Kill People

Chapter Four

A trip to the fair.

Oh what fun! Quenelda asked you to attend the annual festival of healers. You picked up an elf named Bob and arrived at a beautiful plain covered with festive tents, delightful traders, music, laughter and lepers. Despite Zanzibar’s distinct lack of tact you retrieved everything on Quenelda’s shopping list; including the incense of Avandra from the kind old Dragonborn Friar Tuck and the Equatorial Boab root (which I don’t care how it’s spelled) which you spent a lot of money retrieving. You even cheated a pair of enterprising hobbits out of their gem by using secret healing spells during a battle of strength with the world’s largest skinless hobbit.

The gem was attached to a cloak so you left it with the magic seamstress for re-clasping. She charged you one ashtray as payment for the task and said you could pick it up in an hour, but you never returned because…

You managed to get into a fight to the death with some poor guy bringing people back from beyond the grave for a mere $300 a bottle. Vex declared he must be a necrophiliac – because why else would you bring people back from the dead? You weren’t sure whether to stab him or not but after Lily-Fang tried to touch his bottles he felt the need to defend his stock and he, along with all his raised-dead friends and their cavalier daughter, perished in the name of patent pending.

The bystanders were none too pleased – THIS IS A HEALERS CONVENTION!! The police arrived and after weighing up your chances of fleeing the scene without killing more innocent people you decided to come quietly.

And you never discovered the identity of those two ninjas...p. p.



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