Fine Young Women Who Kill People

Chapter One

The beginnening.

An Eladrin, a Tiefling, a Hobbit and a weird werewolf thing walk into a bar…

After consulting with the breakfast-loving Mayor of the very creatively named Little Town, y’all decided to take a job chaperoning the Mayor’s son to his arranged marriage. The son seemed pretty upset about the arrangement but at the time it seemed like nothing a little pep talk and a brush with death couldn’t fix.

Along the way you met with Quenelda the Cleric who had been waylayed by wayfarers on the way to… the milky way. She used the powers of her wrathful god to assist your journey up the mountain to the home of the blushing bride.

Something about her decor (perhaps the cocoons filled with dehydrated human bodies) gave you an uneasy feeling and you didn’t hand the boy over immediately. Pretty soon you realised that the bride was in fact a gigantic spider queen sorceress intent on eating the Mayor’s son. Ain’t it always the way.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Always sleep with someone before you agree to marry them



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