Fine Young Women Who Kill People

Chapter Three

The Note and the Chicken

Freed from your bonds of servitude to the increasingly demanding Mayor you decided to spend Sunday morning bumming around the market like tourists. You went to a fortune teller who ripped you off (you could’ve seen that coming without a crystal ball!) and Lily-Fang tried to sell a weapon but got pissed off that the price was so low.

Eventually you noticed two rougish types staring at you through the crowd. Immediately your suspicions were raised and you sent the Elf to spy on them spying on you. You learned that they were asking questioned about “glowing eyed travelers” and, being the narcissists that they are, Vex and Zanzibar immediately assumed it was personal. The rouges were discovered to be staying at the same tavern as you so you went home to think up a cunning plan.

Some ill fated attempts at spying ensued. Lily-Fang clung to a wall for an hour hoping to overhear some spy talk. Vex dressed up as a chambermaid but the white cloth hat failed to hide her enormous horns and big black glowing eyes. Their nerves jangled, the rogues stayed in their room till nightfall, sneaking out only to buy axes and get killed by you before they could say “diplomatic immunity.”

You found an encoded note on their person which read “REWARD FOR CAPTURE OF ELADRIN” and, being the narcissist that she is, Zanzibar took it personally. The rogues were found to be members of a larger band encamped outside the borders of Little Town. This advice was paid for rather heavily by Elena who felt that sleeping with the Chicken Man was necessary to acquire it.

Once you had encountered the camp and failed to win them over with your offer of smoked fish and violence, you killed all but one of the the campsters and followed the remaining Eladrin to a portal in the woods. He got through and you didn’t.

MORAL OF THE STORY: You don’t always gotta do what you gotta do.


Who could resist a smoked fish really??

Chapter Three

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