Fine Young Women Who Kill People

Chapter Two

Sentient ooze.

Upon returning with the Mayor’s Son fully intact and hydrated, your expectations of **glory and thanks were dashed by the not-unexpected news that the spider queen was in fact protecting the city from bog monsters. You really put your foot in that one. The only decent thing to do was volunteer to tackle the bog monsters before the problem grew out of hand.

The broken spell also affected a nearby Elf village and Elena the Elf was sent to ask the Mayor just what the dang heck was going on. You wasted no time enlisting her to your services.

Into the bog ye went, fighting small critters and meeting a friendly fisherman who plotted a map through the swamp… forgetting to mention the sentient ooze living in the centre. The ooze wasn’t friendly and Vex died in the bog very Irishly. Luckily you healed her back to life in time to reach the gates of the bog monster lair.

There you attempted to strike a deal with the Lizard King. He wasn’t in the mood and you all nearly got your damn selves killed by spreading out all over the lair and falling over. Napoleon would’ve been very disappointed in you! Luckily, Rosy had a bit of common sense and healed you back up in time for one last final assault. You killed off the Lizard King and left his race shattered and leaderless. Clearly the problem was solved.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Stick together, damn it!!



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