Orcs are bad. They are ugly, smelly and they like to eat people and even sometimes kill them.

That’s the racist version, anyway. In reality, Orcs are just like you and me. They eat, laugh, love and have snotty little babies that annoy you in cafes. They just look different and this is where the hate begins. Shame on you for hating. Shame.

Orcs inhabit pretty much the same areas as Humans but due to their race rivalry they don’t camp particularly close together. Orcs tend to hunt more than farm for their food and if a couple of human children happen to get eaten, then so what? Parents should pay more attention.

Occasionally the barrier between races will fall for a couple of individuals and a Half Orc will be born. Good luck finding a society to take you in of you’re one of those.


Fine Young Women Who Kill People karinosaurus