Quenelda Marcos

A kind old Cleric lady who may or may not have secret kick-arse divine powers.


Dainty. Reserved. Polite. None of these words describe Quenelda Marcoss, a priestess of Avandra who believes firmly in her goddess’ doctrine that “life is change”. She makes change for balance and for good: she changes sick villagers into productive ones, wounded heroes into ass-kicking machines, and deadly monsters into dead monsters. It’s all part of the bigger plan.

Of course, she’s getting on a bit, and she can’t be everywhere at once, so sometimes she has to ask for help. At the moment, that help is coming from a party of dangerous young women who have taken up the life of adventurers. Quenelda is pretty sure this will change them, too. Eventually.

Quenelda Marcos

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